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EmRiver Music

"Without music life would be a mistake."  Nietsche

Music has been how EmRiver processes and makes sense of the challenges and heartaches that come with being alive. She is able to connect to deep places and find courage and hope through the powerfully healing vibrations of music and loves to share that with others.


About EmRiver

Music to inspire deep connection

EmRiver brings earthy, tribal folk music and songs to inspire deep connection with all that lies beneath the surface. There is a wildness, an untamed energy, that is exhilarating to tap into. Music from the heart facilitates that dropping down into the deepest of places, helping us connect to the very fibre of existence.  


Music is powerful to lift, heal, cheer, inspire, bring people together, and provide a creative outlet. EmRiver is grateful to have music flowing through her veins. Her music touches the heart and facilitates a feeling of connection and hope in her listeners.  Part of what sets her music apart is the way it comes in authenticity straight from the heart. 


EmRIver has been performing, teaching, and creating music for decades. She writes, records, and performs her own folky tribal songs on a variety of instruments including keyboard, guitar, flute, piano and ngoni. She has also been teaching music for decades (see Emily's Music Studio) and leads vocal ensembles (see The Magic of Singing). She plays music for mindful movement workshops and takes listeners on deeply magical sound journeys (see Medicine Music). She has played in many different bands and ensembles over the years, and has spent time recording music and writing and performing songs either on her own or in collaboration with other musicians.


Songs and instrumentals pour out of her regularly as music is her main form of journaling and processing life.


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EmRiver at Vaudeville, NZ
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New Music Single Release

This ambient instrumental track is intended to take the listener on a journey within. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sounds of keyboard, strings, vibraphone and Native American flute. Let the music carry you.


Released August 14, 2023 
Composed by Emily Macklow.
All instruments played by EmRiver.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Emily Macklow.
Album artwork by Emily Macklow.

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Wild Woman Dreams Official Music Video
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Wild Woman Dreams Official Music Video

As It Must Be Official MusicVideo
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As It Must Be Official MusicVideo

Rising Mellow Moon Official Music Video
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Rising Mellow Moon Official Music Video

EmRiver Follow The Sun Official Music Video
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EmRiver Follow The Sun Official Music Video

"EmRiver has a distinct and recognisable sound, which comes from years of developing herself as an artist. Her breathy lyrics and harmonies are optimistic and dreamy. The production is creative, using the natural sounds of the outdoors to give colour and paint a picture."

Isla Norman of


Latest projects

What I'm up to and where you can find me

I have been busily creating and working on a lot of musical projects. I am currently working on an album of meditational instrumental music, soon to be released. (Stay tuned!) Through the challenges and struggles of life, the benefit of stillness and meditation has become increasingly invaluable to me. These musical works have emerged out of that place, with the intention of bringing the listener into deep tranquility.  I just released the first track Moonlit Tides as a single and the album will share the same name. I invite you to sit back and allow the sounds to take you on a journey of serenity. May you be swept away by moonlit tides into a shimmering universe of possibility. 

I released my first spoken word poem with music composed especially for it which you can listen to here:














I also created my first online course for Insight Timer called Music To Call Us Into Presence. You can access it here:




I had a busy summer of playing my original music at the Hakea Gathering in Raglan, NZ from the 3rd - 6th March 2023, at the NZ Spirit Festival from the 9th - 12th March 2023 at Kaipara Harbour, Auckland, NZ, and also at the Earth Beat Festival in Atiu Creek, NZ from the 22nd - 26th March, 2023.


I was one of the core teachers at a wonderful nine day singing camp in Devon, UK from July 21-30th  2023 .


Next up I'm presenting two singing workshops at the Into the Wild Festival in Sussex, UK from the 24th to 28th of August 2023 .

On the webby net you can find me on all streaming platforms.