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Emily's Music Studio

EmRiver has been teaching music since she was a teenager, both privately and in schools and various learning institutions. Most recently she has taught piano, keyboard, and vocals at Toi Ohomai (Bay of Plenty Polytechnic), the Mauao Performing Arts Centre, Technics Music Academy, and in her own private music studio (called  - surprise! - Emily's Music Studio).


All About Me

I have many years of experience teaching music both privately and at learning institutions including Toi Ohomai, Technics Music Academy, and the Mauao Performing Arts Centre. I offer lessons in piano, beginner's guitar, voice, and flutes to people of all ages. I have a great deal of musical passion and enthusiasm to pass on and greatly enjoy making learning fun for my students. I like to make learning an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, working with the student's interest and building on from there.

Here is my teaching philosophy, made simple:

Every one of us is an artist, a musician, a creative genius.
My job is to unleash it, draw it out of my students, and inspire them to wildly flourish. 


I also love to work with people helping them to write their own songs and have been doing that for many years, whether for special occasions like weddings and anniversaries or simply to draw out the individual’s unique expression of the heart.

My mission is to inspire and encourage all who love music and who appreciate its magical ability to "...find the big, invisible moving pieces inside our hearts and souls and help us figure out the position of things inside us." (Karl Paulnack)

Emily's Piano Arrangements

Emily has arranged many songs (as requested by her students) for easy piano. She has also composed and notated her own original compositions, some of which are for more advanced players. Here you can purchase these arrangements.

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Emily's Music Studio

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"Emily has a fantastic way of connecting with the child she teaches; she makes the lessons fun and enjoyable too. My daughter loves her piano lessons with Emily as her teacher!"

Ila Akenson

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