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Medicine Music

Sound Immersions

EmRiver accompanies yoga and qigong classes and  offers immersive sound journeys, playing her extensive array of beautiful acoustic instruments such as the African ngoni (hunter's harp), chimes, sound bowls, a wide variety of ethnic flutes, guitar, sitar, saitenspiel (a contemporary version of the ancient psaltery), kalimba, drums, shakers, and singing. In her sound immersions, participants lie down comfortably with cushions and blankets while she bathes them with the healing vibrations of all her different instruments. It is truly a magical journey.

EmRiver playing the ngoni.jpeg

Singing Circles for Peace

EmRiver has hosted many gatherings of singing circles. She leads Kirtan-style songs and chants from around the world, as well as some of her original chants. Kirtan is a call and response style of singing that originated centuries ago in India. A lead singer sings a line of a chant or mantra and participants respond back and so on, and the chant often progresses from slow and peaceful to lively and more uplifting and then winds back to slow again. It's a beautiful meditational group experience to inspire and invoke peace.


EmRiver has released several tracks and albums of meditational medicine music and is currently working on a new sound journey album called Moonlit Tides. Here is the title track. She will also be releasing an album of pianoscapes within the next few months. 

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