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Emily Macklow Writer

Emily Macklow is a musician, writer, and mother who has lived an adventurous and eccentric life. She spent nearly two decades in a religious cult, travelled extensively on a shoestring budget, crossed many oceans both geographically and spiritually, and has kept an open playful heart despite many brushes with tragedy. Her poem Ink of Ash was published in the journal Litbop and her poem Storm Torn was published in the Elixir & Star Press 2023 Grief Almanac.

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My Story

I come from a long heritage of readers and writers that stretches back further than I know to look. Words taste familiar to me, a bearing of home. The miracle of communication is embodied in the vastness of language, and I marvel at this miracle and enjoy swimming in the water of words.


Closely connected to that flowing river of expression is the vehicle of music, which is the language that has flowed fluently through me since I was born. I call her my mother tongue.

Born in California, USA but a longtime citizen of New Zealand, Aotearoa, I have now taken a leap across oceans yet again. I am living in the south of England while I study for my Masters in Music at the University of Southampton.

Watch this space. I am working on several collections of poems as well as my memoir and I will be sure to lead you to where you can read those once they've been published.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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